Sunday, February 7, 2010

YOU Too Can create simply stunning layouts With Ease! EVERY TIME

“Ever since I learned how to use this powerful technique, I’ve been scrapbooking non-stop. The inspiration just keeps flowing.”
Does this sound like you? You’ve got all your precious memories bundled away in a box under the bed and you really want to enjoy sharing them with family and friends. You know it would be fantastic to have them all in a beautiful scrapbook that you could proudly share with friends and family, but you just don’t know where to start.
At this point you’re probably feeling the pain and frustration of “scrapbookers block” so you go down to your local scrapbooking shop for inspiration, but all this does is compound the frustration because the myriad of choices available is so overwhelming.
Having spent ages looking around, you are no further ahead, just more confused. Unsure of what you need and what you don’t, and totally daunted by all the options, you end up leaving the shop having bought nothing, going home feeling frustrated and a failure having achieved nothing.
If you have ever experienced this, or something similar, you are not alone. I know exactly how you feel because I have felt the same way, in fact just between you and me I did exactly this FIVE TIMES IN A ROW when I was trying to start my first scrapbook.
“It wasn’t until I discovered this little known powerful secret that I was freed to experience the pleasure of creating my own inspiring scrapbooks”
If you’re really struggling to get started and just can’t seem to think of the right idea to get your new scrapbook underway, or maybe you’ve got a whole lot of photos sitting in a pile ready to go, but your mind is just blank, perhaps you don’t know what theme to use, what embelishments to use or what background to go with. (I know what it feels like, sometimes it can be just so hard to get started), then this is what you’ve been looking for.
Have you ever felt unsure about how to lay out your pages, and what would look good with what, spent hours looking through scrapbooking magazines for ideas, only to find that many of the techniques are beyond you, or you don’t have the tools to do them. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for!
Perhaps you have managed to get started only to get stuck halfway though a scrapbook, having used up every layout idea you can think of, and you’ve still got a whole lot more pages to do. You’ve simply run out of ideas and don’t know how to complete the project. Isn’t that the most frustrating thing ever?
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